‘Dead Mi’ Lei Jun’s Newest Product?- Quality Concerns for Xiaomi in China

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August 15, 2014 by ...

‘Dead Mi’ Xiaomi’s Newest product? Quality Concerns Plague the Redmi

Looks like Xiaomi will have a new addition to their ‘Mi’ line, the ‘Dead Mi’. Mainland bloggers and those in Taiwan are complaining how Redmi phones are dying after a few months use.

The problem seems to be software related and Mi-fens, Xiaomi fans are looking for a workaround. Waiting a few months just to buy a paperweight is not on the bucket list of most people.

Actually, now buying a Xiaomi phone is no longer on the bucket list of many. In the mainland, people are upset about quality issues and it was the most problematic phone. Part of the problem is the skeleton crew of 5000 or so Lei Jun has on staff and its problem with fighting fires. Xiaomi essentially has no marketing staff and sales are done online. When bad things happen, Xiaomi is ill prepared for the blowback.

In Taiwan, for example, they are upset with quality but security concerns as well. They have been upset with the ‘send your data to Beijing’ issue which only exacerbated their angst. For them it is one thing to spend a few hundred dollars for a paper weight which doesn’t work and when it does, covertly spies on you.

According to Chinese bloggers, Xiaomi needs to quit aping Apple ads and start replicating Apple’s quality.


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