Explaining the Hate- Xiami news in China

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August 15, 2014 by ...

Translated and interpreted from the Chinese blogosphere.

Why the hate for Xiaomi?

Background-After a Xiaomi rep grilled some trolls online about how great his company is, Xiaomi has been taking flack. It has been a mixture if hate speech, described below, and quality issues which I discussed previously.

Here is the Chinese view:
Why the hate on Xiaomi

It can be seen from several fronts:
-Jealous bloggers from Xiaomi’s industry
-Crushed companies which went broke
-Media upset with Xiaomi’ tude
-Pissed off users
-Some love to hate
-Companies dislike their tude

The result is a mix of true news and’mo hei’ or black press. This is where they hire bloggers to post negative news, which is common in China.

Others say ‘gan yi hang – hui yi hang’- you go to this area and then ruin it. It is like the Pig Pen effect, they dirty the product groups they enter. Xiaomi are like locusts whom do destroy existing markets.

Suppliers like them but media considers them arrogant. No matter what, the ink keeps flowing and bloggers keep blogging.



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