Vietnam Warns About Buying Xiaomi Phones- False Flag or Security Threat?


August 16, 2014 by ...

People in Vietnam are being warned about buying Xiaomi phones. This claim is bolstered by the fact that various models of Xiaomi handhelds have been caught pilfering data. Most recently global consumers were advised of this, but two months ago Chinese had already been warned. The Yellow River News had reported on just this issue and added that personal data including bank details was not secure.

Are people in Vietnam being warned to keep them safe, or is it something else?

Vietnam recently had a spat with China over a floating oil rig miles off what Vietnam claims as its coast. While this was going on, the Vietnamese vented their spleen on local Chinese firms. Both countries took to water bombing each other and finally Vietnam was victorious, the Chinese rig sailed away.

In its wake was a wave of anti-China sentiments which pushed Vietnam closer to its Asian allies, a move that surprised China. The question is if Vietnamese concerns are legitimate or merely a false flag to continue the anti-China heat on.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Vietnam Warns About Buying Xiaomi Phones- False Flag or Security Threat?

  1. […] make matters worse, claims of security breaches and are now cropping up across southeast Asia. Fortunately for Lei Jun, such concerns have been isolated as of […]


  2. […] theft Xiaomi still covertly sends customer data without user permission. This is a big breach of trust. At first they denied the claims and then said they had fixed them but did not. Several countries […]


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