Read This Before Buying Xiaomi in India, or Anyplace Else


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Below is a great article about problems that Xiaomi users are having with their phones in india. The problems range from troublesome to sever, with phones dying soon after purchase.

This data is corroborated by Chinese statistics as well. In fact, Xiaomi has more customer complaints than any other cell phone in China, and it is only a few years old. Xiaomi does not have three and five year old units lingering around as Nokia, Apple and the others do. The fact is that Xiaomi phones are good*….

Good but with a catch
Of course I mean they are good, but there is a catch. Xiaomi sources from good suppliers, but that means little if the same components are not used. For example, part of Xiaomi’s cachet is that they source from Foxconn, the same people who produce for Apple. While this may be true, it means little. Just like any manufacturer, Foxconn has many grades of product, each contingent on price. To hear Xiaomi tell it, their phones have the same guts as Iphones.

This makes no sense, of course, as Xiaomi units sell for 30%-60% less. Unless we are willing to concede that Apple makes $200 per phones, then Xiaomi does not use the same parts, ceteris pb. This too, would be inline with the vast number of customer complaints seen in not only China, but elsewhere too.

If Chinese have money they usually do not buy Xiaomi
In fact, just today I was talking with a Chinese user who bought a new Lenovo. I asked her about Xiaomi and she scoffed. She then caught herself, after all, Chinese do not like to lose face in front of foreigners, and said that she preferred Lenovo due to its features.

I asked her about Xiaomi and all the quality issues and she begrudgingly admitted that she had heard them too. She then reassured me that quality was not the reason for her purcahse, however.

‘Never,’ was how she answered my question if she would ever buy Xiaomi. I will leave it up to you to decide why this may be.

Here is an excerpt of a very good article touching on quality concerns with Xiaomi phones in Inida. These concerns mate well with those in China too.

Bangalore: Within a matter of few weeks, Xiaomi has become quite famous in India. The smartphone company from China is selling its Mi 3 like hotcakes in our country. Xiaomi has partnered with Flipkart to distribute its handsets via flash sales. Reportedly, the demand is so high that a batch of tens of thousands of phones gets sold off in a blink of an eye. What makes this handset so popular among us Indians are its high-end specs and affordable price tag.
Seriously, no other handset in India offers you the Snapdragon 800 chipset for Rs 14,000. To put things in perspective, the Nexus 5 with similar specs sells for around 28k. Little wonder then, people are going crazy over this phone. So much that a developer has created a Chrome plug-in to help you purchase the Mi 3 before it goes out of stock. However, after the initial praise, the Mi 3 is now facing a lot of criticism.

First, a blogger from Taiwan claimed that Xiaomi phones sneakily send the user data to remote servers in China. After a few weeks, anti-virus maker F-Secure confirmed this malicious activity. However, let’s not get into it as we don’t know what biggies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple do with your data. By the way, Xiaomi did apologise for collecting user information. However, we are not sure whether the company has deleted that data. Anyway, this isn’t a big issue for us.
For Indians, hardware and software failures are the real deal breakers. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of such problems to talk about. For starters, some people received dead phones. Imagine the disappointment after trying so hard to order this phone. Check out the following screenshots from Xiaomi’s official Facebook page and for more details.

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  1. […] has not been rosey, however. Problems with exploding phones, poor quality in China and other countries as well as security lapses have cast doubt over Xiaomi’s future. […]


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