Why Xiaomi is Doomed to Fail in the USA- Burger King

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August 27, 2014 by ...

This Tweet shows why Xiaomi will fail in the US market.

“@FastCoCreate: Would you like a Samsung with that? @BurgerKing now has free smartphones: http://f-st.co/p1OXdzZ by @jeffcbeer http://twitter.com/FastCoCreate/status/503974205789339649/photo/1”


Cell phones are a commodity in the USA. They are essentially part of a package deal, as this Burger King ad shows.

Here is why the Xiaomi model will fail in the USA
When the price of a phone drops to nothing, it really needs something extra in order to drive sales.

1-By merely knocking off Apple designs, Xiaomi shows it does not have the design cred to survive in the US market.
2-The Xiaomi ecosystem does not play well with Google Play ; why learn a new one if you don’t have to
3- Xiaomi’s price point/features means nothing in a land where cell phones are literally being given away
4- Xiaomi does not have the marketing cred to generate long term customer affection. Do you think flash sales of 20,000 units is compelling enough for American consumers to buy Xiaomi?
5- Do you think American consumers will queue up to buy a non- Apple phone?
6- Xiaomi has poor quality and customer service. Check out the reviews on Amazon. Xiaomi is miring its name in mud before it properly kicks off in the USA.

Absent a major overhaul, there is no compelling reason to buy a Xiaomi. In addition, due to sketchy designs, it is doubtful if they could sell handsets in the USA without being sued by Apple


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