Xiaomi Backed Show Sneak Attacks Chinese Cell Phone Upstart?

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September 1, 2014 by ...

Negative reporting has spawned a cottage industry in China. Companies are paid to smear the names of the competition while at the same time removing any negative press of the client company. China has turned the internet into the bathroom stall of communication.

Xiaomi backed Zealer, a Chinese show focusing on cell phones, has sneak attacked Chinese startup- Smartisan. Luo Yonghao, CEO of Smartisan had paid Zealer for market research about problems with their phones and other issues. Zealer issued a report to Smartisian but left out the juicy details which it later aired on its televised show. In that episode Zealer slammed Smartisan phones for a host of reasons, leading many to believe Smartisan sold trash.

The Smartisan CEO called out Wang Ziru from Zealer and asked if he would agree to an online debate to settle things. Ziru agreed and then the feathers flew.  The debate started off in a less than amicable fashion and then degraded from there.


The problem was that Smartisan had paid for Zealer to do market research on their phones. Zealer did so, but failed to fully disclose to Smartisan the extent of the findings. Zealer then invited the CEO onto the show where all of the problems found were finally reported. In other words, Zealer used Smartisan funds to finance research and then held back the more juicy findings. These facts were then sprung on the Smartisan CEO during the three video shoot.

Smartisa was prepared however, and hit back. The CEO asked Zealer’s Ziru if the fact that Lei Jun’s financing of the program had anything to do with the negative reporting. Smartisa said that it Zealer presents itself as an impartial reviewer, which may be true, but in light of transparency should state Lei Jun’s position within the firm. Zealer claimed they had only received money from Lei Jun but his opinion held no sway and he had nothing to do with the news.

Smartisan’s Luo then ended up by alleging that a cell phone repair store run by Wang Ziru- the Zealer interviewer, was using ‘illegally accrued’ Iphone parts which is a criminal offense.  At the end of the battle, Smartisa looked much better and lended credibility to its claims that Zealer had in fact cheap shotted the Xiaomi knockoff- Smartisan.


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