Xiaomi Chargers Exploding in China-Buyers Beware


September 6, 2014 by ...

The Chinese internet is blowing up about Xiaomi chargers which are allegedly prone to bursting into flames or exploding. Phoenix New Media is investigating claims that two different Mi chargers exploded at one house recently. In another report, Two B Y posted that his Mi charger caught fire, causing a blaze in his home. According to him, his Xiaomi initially ignited and then exploded which sent the charger core shooting across the room like a mini Mi missile.

For their part, Xiaomi has disavowed any culpability whatsoever. In what is becoming Xiaomi’s new tagline, they said, ‘It wasn’t me,’ and blame it on a knockoff. Once again, it was not Xiaomi gear which was the problem, but some Shanzhai kit.

Xiaomi did hedge their bets, however, by claiming that their lithium batteries could leak which could lead to cimbustion, but only if overcharged. This leaves the door open for them to backpedal if it is proven that the firestarter was truly their own.

Interestingly enough, the Xiaomi charger cum ballistic missile was not being charged when it took flight, it was merely sitting there, as quiet as a land mine on his dinner table.

I blogged about my frustration in buying a Xiaomi Mi Fitness band and how the purchase process is smoke filled as the Beijing skyline. They do not make it easy to purchase direct, which means one never really knows if they are getting the genuine article. This leaves plenty of wiggle room for Xiaomi to contend,’It wasn’t me,’ should anything go wrong.

The more exposure Chinese have to Xiaomi, the more they see both sides, the bad and the good. So far, the good is winning out. This is driven by low cost and decent value. Wait until a few houses come down thanks to an overheating charger and all that could change, however.

Gee thanks for the vote of confidence Xiaomi…


4 thoughts on “Xiaomi Chargers Exploding in China-Buyers Beware

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