Xiaomi Hacks WhatsApp for Data Theft?- Xiaomi Apps Tainted


September 11, 2014 by ...

Hong Kong is investigating Xiaomi for data theft. According to security experts, apps loaded from the Xiaomi site are riddled with security flaws and covertly send user data to servers in Beijing and southern China.

The news is another negative shot for Xiaomi who has been blamed for copying Beijing on users photos and text messages. This was discovered in Hong Kong and then verified in other countries as well. For their part, Xiaomi has been tight lipped about that problem and made specious claims about complying with local laws and blah blah blah..

What they failed to do, however, was fix the problem. According to Chinese netizens and corroborated in HK, the Xiaomi patch did not fix surreptitious data theft, which still occurs.

Xiaomi hacks WhatsApp

The newest news is shocking because Hong Kong is claiming that Xiaomi modified WhatsApp code enabling the data theft. If true, this could be damaging. It supports the mainland claim that Xiaomi uses nicks user data and then sells it in order to subsidize its low price point. Whether this is true or not is anyone’s guess, but Xiaomi is aggressively hacking user info.

Rather than learn from their mistakes, Xiaomi seems on data theft overload. One does not have to wonder why Xiaomi is rolling out but tens of thousands of phones at a time, it is managing blowback. Bad news such as this is contained and due to the fact that so few foreigners own a Xiaomi, the news flies under the radar.

Xiaomi’s business is?
Due to the prevalence of such occurrences and aggressive pursuit of user goodies, one really has to ask if the Chinese are right. Is Xiaomi subsidizing phone sales with the sale of user data?


4 thoughts on “Xiaomi Hacks WhatsApp for Data Theft?- Xiaomi Apps Tainted

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