Why Xiaomi Cannot Top Apple

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September 19, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi offers a decent phone for a great price. Other than that, it is a market taker not market maker. Aside from pricing and flash sales, Xiaomi is not on the cutting edge. Its designs are pedestrian and software a little China-centric. Its business model does not scale beyond China, absent its aggressive price point.

A lot of chatter centers around Xiaomi knocking Apple from its perch. As an owner of both phones, I fail to see how that will occur. While no Apple fan boy, It is my go to, and not a Xiaomi.

Apple delivers on quality and cachet, and Xiaomi falls short. Their phones are not ugly, but they are just not ‘Apple pretty’. Setting aside aesthetics, Xiaomi does not make a robust phone as well. My Nokia, for example, is the Panzer Tank of my digital collection. I’ve drop tested that thing dozens of times and after four years it still purrs like a kitten. My first Xiaomi lasted 11 months and a few days.

It has been reported that Xiaomi is now one of the world’s most purcahsed phones. When discussing global dominance, however, Xiaomi is no Apple. This can best explained by the following.

“Retailers in countries included in Apple’s first wave of iPhone 6 release are seeing lines of keen customers, many of them reportedly from China

where the two new iPhone 6 models may not be released until next year.

In Brisbane, Apple stores had been encircled by customers while in Melbourne a queue of hundreds of people started to appear from the day before.

At the Richmond Centre in Vancouver, the queuing started 63 hours before the official launch. A local Chinese resident surnamed Chen led his whole family, including cousins, and friends in the long wait for the store to open.

Fully prepared with drinking water, foldable chairs and tents, the Chen family stayed in the line for three nights. Chen said he loves Apple products so much he could not bear anyone getting the iPhone 6 before him.

Many buyers waiting in line are not buying for themselves, however, but plan to make big bucks by reselling handsets. Mr Zhang, a Vancouver resident, said although he has pre-ordered an iPhone 6 online which he will receive in mid-October, he still wanted to try his luck at an Apple store to see if he could get one to sell on for a good price.” Link

Xiaomi does well with flash sales, but once again, no such Xiaomi fanaticism exists, even in China. It is safe to say that if given a few thousand dollars there would be very few people, if any who would stroll past an Apple store to plunk down cash on the Mi Phone.

I may be precipitous in making that claim, but as long as we have this

We will have this


And it is not hard to see who still is the king of the hill.


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