Quality Issues Plague Xiaomi in India

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September 21, 2014 by ...

I live in China where people only buy Xiaomi when their pocket cash points them in that direction. Never mind the ‘hey it’s got good specs’ rhetoric, their choice is financially motivated.

What is worse is that Chinese are more concerned than ever with Xiaomi quality. For example, I told one friend I was considering an upgrade and as soon as Xiaomi escaped my lips she said, ‘Why buy a Xiaomi?’

Another said something similar and then shared how her Xiaomi charger crapped out after a few days. I warned her about buying a replacement as the Chinese government claims they are dangerous. She laughed and admitted that Lei Jun always blames poor quality on pirated goods and never his product.

As most of the world are non-Chinese speakers and do not live here, they do not get the ‘dirt’ on Xiaomi, as your author does. In India, howver, they are getting a first hand view.

‘Xiaomi Mi3 users take to Mi India fanpage to express their frustration

Several enraged Xiaomi Mi3 customers have now taken it upon themselves to fill the official Mi India fanpage at Facebook, with reports of how their newly bought smartphone has turned out to be a nightmare for them. Apparently, apart from suffering from severe manufacturing defects such as the SIM tray not working properly, exceptionally low screen quality for a smartphone which is supposed to have Gorilla Glass 3, troubles with the microUSB port, and unusually high overheating issues, the phone is also suffering from some serious software bugs, such as contacts mysteriously not showing up when accessed through the dialer app, and several other complaints of unstable software and random WiFi/cellular signal drops.

To prove that the mic module of their phone is defected, one user actually went ahead and created a video to warn other potential Xiaomi Mi3 customers about what they’re getting themselves into.

Link- Read more: http://www.androidorigin.com/xiaomi-mi3-horrible-support-product-quality/#ixzz3Dy0KPfdK


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