My Xiaomi Makes Calls When I Am Not Around


September 22, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi has had quite a few security problems. The phones surreptitiously share your data with people in Beijing. After a famous non-resolution of the issue, Xiaomi is back at it.

This data sharing should come as no surprise, Beijing as much as mandates it. Companies are held responsible for all data on their sites, which includes comments. If companies fail to remove things that Beijing finds questionable, the companies must pay. Based on this, it makes sense that Lei Jun pilfers your info, he doesn’t want to end up in a gulag.

A counter point to this is the argument that Xiaomi steals user data and uses the proceeds to underwrite the costs of production. The more they sell the more they steal and so on.

My experience
My first Xiaomi had an odd habit, it made phone calls while lying on the couch. It also made them sitting on my table but always did so when I was not around. Imagine how spooked out I was the first time it started to self dial around midnight.

There I sat on my bed and heard it making a call, no kidding. I ran out and tried to figure who it was contacting, but to no avail. I figured to be a one off until it happened again, and again and again.

The phone died before I could figure out what had gone wrong and I still have my doubts. It could have been a virus but who knows….


2 thoughts on “My Xiaomi Makes Calls When I Am Not Around

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