Knockoff iphone 6 Already Sold in China – Shanzhai and Piracy

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September 27, 2014 by ...

The US was overcome with Apple fever as ten million Iphone 6’s were sold in 48 hours after its launch in September. People in China, however, did not have to wait that long. Ever since mid August, a fake Iphone 6 has been sold across the middle country-China.

The following explains about shanzhai and Iphones.
Excerpt from here

Pic from awrence_uber_alles/Reddit

Never ones to let things like pesky Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) get in the way of making a buck, some Chinese are selling the Iphone 6, sort of. A Chinese company is shipping knockoffs of the newest Iphone before Cupertino does.

“China has a history of Shanzhai which at once means clever copying,

ofc 1

and flagrant IP theft.

In reality, the Chines see the two forms of piracy in a different light. The former takes no skill and is tantamount to theft while the latter gets to the heart of the Shanzhai or ‘mountain bandit’ culture. This resonates with the one-child cohort which tends to favor nationalist ideals. Their scholastic text books taught them that foreigners had rendered China to the sick man of Asia status for 100 years. Chinese TV does anything but dispel such notions. The impact is that this group seeks to help construct or reconstruct a stronger China while embracing global goods as well.
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