Xiaomi Mi4 Iphone Killer or Upgraded Iphone Knockoff?

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September 28, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi is releasing the Mi4 and it is supposed to be a bombshell- read below. It is tricked out and rocking serious specs which put it in line to knock Apple off its high horse, or does it?

Xiaomi is certainly making waves, but as long as its name is followed by the moniker ‘China’s Apple’, I have my doubts about it dethroning the Iphone any time soon. For example, if Xiaomi is that good why don’t we hear about Apple owning the ‘American Xiaomi’?

The answer is obvious. Xiaomi, for the most part, is still an Apple clone. Its leader, Lei Jun apes Steve Jobs and his product mimics Apple too. The only thing original about Xiaomi is the software and how it leverages nationalist sentiment in the pro-China one-child policy generation.


Absent these things, it is merely a dollar store competing on 5th Avenue.

While Xiaomi has marketed itself brilliantly inside of China, to the rest of the world it is merely a solid Iphone clone. By claiming eye-popping specs and touting flash sales where tens of thousands of units are gone in seconds, it has generated mad buzz. But then again, it limits negative exposure by doing the same.

In Xiaomi’s marketing kit bag is a litany of non quotes and accusations that it is not genuine Xiaomi gear which catches fire and fails Chinese quality tests. By selectively rolling out its product across nations, Xiaomi keeps the positive ink spilling while minimizes the complaints which arise.

The question: is the Mi4 an Iphone killer?
The answer: not as long as it is known as ‘Chinas….’

Xiaomi Mi4 review roundup: Specs of Xiaomi, known as the “Apple of China,” has been described by Android Authority in its video review as “pretty solid” and Tech in Asia labeled the new flagship as a “bombshell.” It seems that this handset, which retails for an equivalent of $400 in its home market of China, may be classified as an iPhone killer for its segment.



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