Keeping Phones Clean of Malware


October 3, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi phones have security flaws, in fact many cell phones do. The made in China N9500 came preloaded with malware, for example.

If you are worried about malware on your phone, read the following:

Excerpt -Preinstalled malware is reportedly putting a number of new mobile devices at risk. Why is this happening and what is the best way to detect if these applications are malicious, and to prevent this mobile security risk?

The supply chain is more fragile than most people expect. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the NSA was able to use vulnerabilities in the supply chain to set up “load stations” that installed malware onto devices prior to them arriving to their intended recipient. Nor should it be surprising that more general attacks occur, for example, when Android smartphones are found to contain a malicious app disguised as Netflix. Many other devices have also been found with preinstalled malware, including digital picture frames, Sony DVDs and so on. In all of these scenarios, people wrongly assumed their devices were secure when they were delivered from the manufacturer.
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5 thoughts on “Keeping Phones Clean of Malware

  1. Lived in China says:

    No one ever figured out which company made the Star N9500 in China. For all we know it could be Xiaomi, Huawei or ZTE.

    That phone came preloaded with malware and stole data out of the box. It is not much different than Xiaomi phones in its ability to abscond data.


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