Xiaomi Prices not Slashed Yet

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October 21, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi may be slashing prices soon as this article states but they have not done so in the Chinese mainland yet.

Excerpt-‘The Xiaomi Mi4 handset was originally priced at CNY 1,999 (that roughly translates to $326). The Mi4 has been seeing strong competition from the latest Meizu MX4. The Mi4 is another Chinese handset with killer high-end specs. Moreover, the Oppo Find 7, the OnePlus One and IUNI U3 with 2K display are the other three rivals of the Mi4. All these handsets come with killer features, bigger displays complemented by reasonable price tags. According to reports, the Xiaomi Mi4 will reportedly be sold at a discounted price of CNY 1,799 (that roughly translates to $293). Apparently, the site Tmall shows the prices with a question mark hinting the forthcoming price cut, says GSM Arena’-end

But here in China nothing has happened to prices yet, as of Tuesday October 21, 22:00 China time. Attached are photos of the Xiaomi website in Beijing as well as Tmall, a large Chinese internet retailer.
I am unsure what Xiaomi’s website looks like outside of China, but as you can see, the least expensive Xiaomi Mi4 on the bottom left is RMB 1999 on Xiaomi.com. For your reference it is the 16gig 3G model.

The other picture shows a Tmall price of RMB 2018. Both of these equate to approximately U$322. I’ve seen reports of a price quote with question mark but have not seen it as of yet. Perhaps different areas of China have different prices but when I checked as of late, there has been no movement. Discounts will be coming as it is the Xiaomi way. But that will probably happen closer to China’s Black Friday or major shopping day.

Price pressure is a constant in China and the cell phone industry typifies this. In fact, Huawei seems to be the only Chinese company that is immune to price pressure. This could be due to its relationship with Beijing and the fact that the party has now mandated all officials carry one. With 80 million members, that equates to a healthy jump in sales. As for Xiaomi, they are competing on price.


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