Quality Problems, Read Before Buying Xiaomi Mi3

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October 25, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi phones are low priced and pack eye popping specs. This leads to flash sales where hundreds of thousands of units sell out in seconds. Due to Xiaomi’s ‘take the money and run’ business model, however, there may be long term problems. It would seem that in their rush to sell more phones, Xiaomi ignores existing clients. This is an age old Chinese business practice which you can read about here.

One thing is for sure about Xiaomi, quality issues abound. For example, my first Xiaomi handheld died before its first birthday. Anecdotal evidence shows that I was probably lycky it lasted so long. A few friends of mine had the same problem and suggested that fetal gestation lasts longer than an Mi3.

While people across southeast Asia are rampaging to purchase Xiaomi gear, they may be disappointed in one year’s time. Like I said, you see tons of old Nokia’s, Samsungs and Iphones here in China. Conversely, spotting a Xiaomi which is older than the past lunar year is a real feat.

As long as Xiaomi can outrun the competition it is safe. How long that will be is anybody’s guess. The company still sells hoards of phones here in China even though it has a bad reputation.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out ad Xiaomi expands.

Story about one man’s frustration with a xiaomi phone.

Xiaomi Mi3 Review – Worst Phone after so much drama

Xiaomi Mi3 reporting many problems for e.g. Earpiece is not working, unable to make or hear calls, unresponsive Screens, very thin quality Screen which is cracking off even when it is kept in pockets, Sim Tray Problems, Camera Performance issues, Screen black out during Calls, Camera Issue – Phone keeps restarting when camera is started, auto restart and switchoff, many software bugs etc.

Disappointed with Xiaomi mi3

I got my Xiaomi Mi3 during the first sale. As I was facing an issue with Earpiece that I can’t hear on the ear piece. The main functionality of the phone is calling people and hearing them speaking. I guess Xiaomi just forgot why a mobile phone was invented in the first place. I have tried doing a factory reset, updating the software and also changing factory settings.

– See more at: http://techfat.com/2014/09/xiaomi-mi3-review-defects-problems/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter#sthash.cHFlMvKa.dpuf



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