China’s Meizu, the Xiaomi Killer? Comparing Xiaomi and Meizu Premium Phones

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October 27, 2014 by ...

Meizu is one of China’s 100 handset makers. It is quietly making its way into the pockets and purses of more Chinese customers. My bestie has one and loves it. The phone seems to cater to the younger female demographic, but I have no empirical evidence in support of this.

In general, Meizu phones are lighter than Xiaomi and feel a little more flimsy. They come in colors such as pastel pink which is not overpowering but surprisingly easy on the eyes. It is nothing like that ‘stop and look at me dammit!’ Yellow that Nokia sports.

Functionality is pretty similar and as more customers become disenchanted with Xiaomi, they are seeking something new. The one-one child policy demographic is notoriously fickle as Xiaomi is finding out.

The following is a review comparing the axiaomi Mi4 and its Meizu rivql, the MX4.

Begin ‘Recently, Chinese smartphones are making huge impact in the global markets with Xiaomi leading the pack. The flagship Xiaomi Mi4 was released in August. Meanwhile, the brand new Meizu MX4 has recently been introduced and the international pre-order window has started already. Readers who are interested in purchasing the Xiaomi Mi4 or the latest Meizu MX4 should check out this comparison.

Display, Exterior And Size

The Meizu MX4 features a 5.36-inch IPS LCD display and 1,152 x 1,920 pixels resolution, whereas the Xiaomi Mi4 handset comes with a relatively smaller 5.0-inch display and 1,080 x 1,920 pixels resolution. The pixel densities of the Xiaomi and Meizu smartphones stand at 441 ppi and 418 ppi, respectively.

When it comes to exterior design, the Xiaomi device looks a lot like Apple iPhones with the same stainless steel band covering the sides of the handset. Especially, the white plastic fixers embedded on the metallic band are very much Apple-like. Despite housing a shiny plastic rear shell, the metal frame provides premium look to the device. In general, the Mi4 looks stunning from the outside, CNet writes.

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