You Decide, Xiaomi an Apple Clone or Innovator-Pics Tell the Story


November 3, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi has been called an Apple clone in mixed company and a ‘thief’ and ‘lazy’, when just with the boys. A lead designer from Apple took a swing at Xiaomi and called them out for illegal copying.

Xiaomi’s Pres. called ‘shneanigans’ and told Apple to buy their product before crying foul play. I suspect that pres thought Apple would see some dramatic differences in their kit and Xiaomi’s own.

Rather than having Xiaomi waste their product and Apple’s time, I will help settle the score. I found these pics on this forum. If you cannot tell, the Apple products are on the right. In addition, if you could not tell the difference, then Xiaomi is woefully wronging Apple.

From here







Yes, can you believe it? Those photos are from two different comoanies. Xiaomi has totally cribbed Apple to a ‘T’.


9 thoughts on “You Decide, Xiaomi an Apple Clone or Innovator-Pics Tell the Story

  1. […] The question is how to measure innovation. There are many ways to do so. One can look at process innovation, value creation and market disruption. In all of these it could be argued that Xiaomi is innovating, albeit it in a ‘Wal-Mart everyday low price’, kind of way. As I’ve shown previously, Xiaomi is not reinventing the wheel, as you can clearly see here. […]


  2. […] firm. Standing in the way of success is others which are damnable. Questionable ethics in terms of IP theft and security come to […]


  3. […] value proposition is a great buy for the money in a phone which caters to the masses. Due to heavy borrowing from Apple, Xiaomi offers ‘face’ to its consumers who by all outward appearances own a genuine […]


  4. […] have to do the same. So far the four year old company Has hidden their ‘not so subtle‘ borrowing, behind China’s ‘not too good‘ anti-piracy laws, which prove if nothing else, […]


  5. […] fact is that Xiaomi does not innovate, their dearth of patents plus this prove that. The ‘top secret’ spy photos do nothing but confirm this. So why all the […]


  6. […] Sony a multi-media enterprise which has been on the cutting edge of technology for decades is worth less than a company which has only been selling over sews for less than six months. That company also derives 92% of its revenue from a phone which is so ‘cutting edge’ that it has a grand total of 8 innovation patents granted in China. Xiaomi is the same firm which has acknowledged that IP suits are their biggest problem. China’s Xiaomi, monetizing IP theft Aside from the fact that its product line up is a who’s who of pilfered product design: All phones, Digital content devices and tablet have been swiped from Apple […]


  7. […] Xiaomi is knocked for ripping style designs off Apple. This contention is substantiated by a product line up which pretty much looks and feels like anything but original work as you can see here. […]


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