Xiaomi’s Blooming Security Problems


November 5, 2014 by ...

Depending on who you ask, Xiaomi is number three or four in the world this year in handset sales. The stellar rise has not been without pitfalls however.

Their gear gets hot enough to melt plasma and and sometimes actually goes airborn. Sure these are bothersome, after all, who wants the flesh seared from their fingers while yapping in a Mi 4?

Even if one could get ahold of Xiaomi customer service, no relief is in site. According to Beijing, they are the worst in China. Then there is that nagging issue that they have only 9 invention patents granted in China, although they are hailed as a global innovator. Because Apple has 481 more of such patents in China, makes them look weaker yet.

But all of this is good news compared to what has been happening with Xiaomi security.

If spilt some ink discussing the matter but why take my word for it? Check out this blog. The author has essentially all of the same fact patterns as your humble author does. Xiaomi’s problems are spelled out in plain English.

You gotta wonder if this is not some fast rising Hidenberg on its way to a flaming demise. One cannot help but watch and wonder.

‘Last week, Indian Air Force issued a circular wherein they had categorically warned against using Xiaomi smart phones, due to security related issues. This is the first instance when a defense establishment in India had to issue such a warning against usage of a smart phone.
Fans of Xiaomi mobile defended by stating that Xiaomi is not at all a threat of national security and the reports are baseless.
During the same time, news broke in that Xiaomi has grown 211% in the last 24 months, and have quickly become third biggest mobile phone company after Samsung and Apple. Xiaomi’s Global VP, Hugo Barra even assured us that they will be launching their own data center in India by 2015, to safeguard their user’s data and information.’


One thought on “Xiaomi’s Blooming Security Problems

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