Comparing Photo Color-Two-Year Old Iphone Versus New Xiaomi Redmi 1S

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November 12, 2014 by ...

In a continuation of this post, I compare photos taken with a two year old Iphone 5 with a brand new Xiaomi Red Mi 1S.  This post focuses on color saturation and contrast.


Two year old Iphone 5





Xiaomi Red Mi 1S




There is a big difference in color depth and detail. Compare the color and texture of the grass in both photos. In addition, look at the tire tracks. The Iphone picture shows greater depth and detail while the tracks in the Xiaomi phone are blurry. In addition, there is a great difference in how the sky is rendered. The Xiaomi phone shows little to no depth.


2 year old Iphone 5



New Xiaomi Red Mi 1S



The pork in the Iphone photo looks more life-like. In comparison, the Xiaomi photo looks more like a painting, it lacks contrast and detail.


Old Iphone 5




New Red Mi 1S



The most obvious difference in these photos is depth. The Xiaomi phone seems two dimensional while the Iphone photo does not.



It is apparent that picture quality of the two year old Iphone is better than that of the new Red Mi. In the first photo, the depth of colors is greater, which parallels the results shown here.

The close ups reveal that photos taken by the Xiaomi look bleached or pale. They cannot match the vibrancy and depth of the photos from the Iphone. Take a look at the peppers, for example. The red seems subdued. This is also true of the marbling in the pork. The Iphone photos show a rich contrast while the Xiaomi photos do not.

The Red Mi is very cheap and versatile, but still cannot match outdated Iphone tech.




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