‘No Show’ of Xiaomi ‘Youth Edition Mi 4’ a Sign of Bigger Problems?

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November 14, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi has been growing fast, maybe too fast. Lei Jun promised to rollout the slimmed down Mi 4 Youth Edition by November 11th, but to date the phone as been a no show. According to this site, this is unfortunate for Xiaomi consumers as the handset has decent specs and a good price point.
‘It will have 2GB of RAM, 4G support and still sport the powerful Snapdragon 801.

For the most part it will be a mirror image of the MI 4 but with lower quality innards and sell for RMB 1799 or RMB 200 less than the full fledged Mi 4.

As I mentioned the phone is no where to be seen, however. Perhaps Xiaomi was too busying filling the 1 million plus orders it received on November 11th to get around to making its newest phone. Others in China, comment that Xiaomi is diluting its talent pool as it seeks to expand into other areas.

These resources are now being spread to thin to handle an increasing workload. Grads from the best Chinese schools and headhunters as well, have said that Xiaomi is not hiring. They claim this is to Xiaomi’s detriment as they are having problems scaling up to their new growth trajectory.

According to them the Youth Edition no show is merely a symptom of this fact. They also claim that Xiaomi gear has even more quality problems than it did as little as six months ago.

What do you think? Can Xiaomi handle its growth strategy successfully?


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