Demographic Differences in Chinese Cell Phone Usage

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November 17, 2014 by ...

The following two charts show dramatic differences in app usage between Chinese men and women. Although both are actively engaged on line, their preferences diverge greatly.

The first chart compares app usage by Chinese users


Mobile app usage by age (% of users)
Younger than 24
Male- 88.3
Female- 93.4

Aged 24-40
Male – 90.9
Female- 98.7

41 and over
Male- 83.2
Female- 95.8

From the data we can see that women are more likely than men to use apps in every age group. The biggest differences are in the 24-40 and 41 plus demographics where women were 9% and 13% more likely to use them.

The differences could be attributable to the prevalence of social media use by women versus men. The former are more likely to use their phones for chatting and sharing while the men are more likely to read and research or even game, as shown below.

The biggest divergence of interests is seen here:


Types of apps Chinese cell phone use most (% of users)

Male 58.2
Female 59.5

Male- 44.9
Female- 55.1

Male- 61.7
Female- 38.3

Ten percent more women use their phones to watch videos while men are nearly forty percent more likely to use them to play games. This logically follows the data above, insofar as many Chinese apps allow for video sharing, which women are more likely to do. (All data from

How Xiaomi fits in
With a 75% male customer base, Xiaomi obviously caters to this demographic.


Xiaomi purportedly does not make much on their handsets and thus monetizes apps, games and sells accessories. Considering that such a high percentage of their users are men, it stands to reason that game revenue would account for a decent slice of their profit.

As far as accessories go, Xiaomi has both groups covered. They have the PLA bunny mascot


which Xiaomi claims their male users buy for the woman in their lives, as well as the military themed gear

which they buy for themselves.


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