Spy Pics Reveal the Latest Xiaomi and the Verdict Is…It’s Just Another Knockoff


November 17, 2014 by ...

‘Psst, hey buddy, you wanna’ see something?’ – Guy in trench coat

‘Huh?’ -You

‘Yeah, I got the latest spy pics of Xioami’s new phone. Interested in taking a peek?’Guy in trench coat

‘Wow, sure!’ -You

‘But it will cost ya. What say you give me a saw buck and you can take a look?’ Guy in trench coat

Rifles through his pockets, hands over the cash. ‘Now let me see it!’ -You

Sound of photos changing hands.

‘What? Something wrong?’ Guy in trench coat

‘I want to see the Xiaomi.’ Holding the picture, ‘This is an HTC. Give me my money back.’  -You

‘Wrong, that is the new Xiaomi.’ Guy in trench coat walks off looking at this.

leak 1


which looks a hell of a lot like this


which is obviously an HTC.

So what is all the fuss about ‘leaked spy pics of the newest and greatest’ Xiaomi phone?

I have no earthly idea but the net is swimming with the topic. Geeks all over Asia want to get a shot of the next big thing from Xiaomi. Here is a tip for all you people, I am a Xiaomi spy and because I am nice, I can show you ‘mockups’ of the next five generations of Xiaomi phones. Dimes to doughnuts, this is what the future of Xioami phones looks like:

option 1


option 2


option 3

The fact is that Xiaomi does not innovate, their dearth of patents plus this prove that. The ‘top secret’ spy photos do nothing but confirm this. So why all the buzz?

The media needs to ride the China buzz and we are waiting for them to innovate. 

The bottom line is the media needs to spill China ink and ‘innovation’ is what sells. They need to increase readership which leads to more sales which leads to writing more articles, which leads to more…well, you get the point.

The world is fascinated with China and seeking to wrap their minds around the dragon. They have heard it is the end-all-be-all, but have as of yet seen little proof. Xiaomi seems like just the solution.

Unfortunately, the more you dig the more you see that Xiaomi is really just another low priced Chinese manufacturer. Sure, the business model is great and sure they are selling tons of kit, but then again, they are doing it with stolen IP. When taken together, this means they differ little from most other Chinese startups- yeah, I’m looking at you Baidu, Youku, Weibo and Weixin.

As a matter of fact, about the only thing they really created was this




which is a great way to leverage nationalism in China. I humbly submit that his is actually one of their strong points here. This is not a criticism, on the contrary, I think doing this was creative genius on the part of Lei Jun. Sadly enough, few if any are talking about this.


In our pursuit to find out how China is reshaping the world, we seek to confirm what we believe to be true, that they are ‘changing’ things. The reality is that they are not. Chinese companies are light on the innovation gene but heavy on the ‘look alike’ front.’ Weak IP laws and protectionism ensure that this business model works. If it does not, then Beijing merely precludes foreigners from entering the market that they opened up here.

Xiaomi’s lack of progress in anything creative merely proves that at its core, Xiaomi has little new to offer.








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