Xiaomi Sort of Announces they Will Make Smartwatches

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November 20, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi has announced they will make a smart watch, well sort of announced it. Hugo Barra, who is Lei Jun’s right hand man demurred by saying that ‘we would be amazed to see what Xiaomi is playing with in their R&D center.’

Would we be surprised Hugo?

Based on your track record, we can surmise that your top secret research facility is no doubt filled with things like

option 3


20141102-221539-80139601.jpg 20141102-221306-79986441.jpg

Need I go on?

I thought not. But lets give credit where it is due. Xiaomi’s smartphone strategy is to solicit feedback from their users and then create. This is actually brilliant if they can pull it off, but I have my doubts, which I explain later.

Why Xiaomi’s strategy is brilliant

Xiaomi crowdsources the tough stuff. Think about it like this, by crowdsourcing ideas, Xiaomi whole-heartedly embraces their customer group. This leads to loyalty and an increase in sales. Aside from this, Xiaomi saves a ton on R&D because they leave it up to their customers. All of the heavy lifting is done by the people buying their kit, which is a beautiful idea.

It is a 360 degree win. The customers are ecstatic, they get what they want. The product literally espouses their voice. Xiaomi is ecstatic because they don’t have to create anything, they let their customers do it for them.  In this process they build intimacy as well. Cash savings comes in the form free market testing and product design. Can you think of a better way to maximize returns while minimizing costs? If anything, this is Xiaomi’s strong suit.

On the negative tip…

Of course all is not rosey in Xiaomi-land. Their best looking products have little to no Xiaomi DNA. In fact, one need only look at this to see just what Xiaomi is capable of when left to their own devices


which is essentially a turd in the punch bowl of products such as this

nice good hot more 1


Yeah, in comparison to those models, Xiaomi’s creativity shines right through, doesn’t it?

Rather than belabor this point, your humble author would merely point you to this link, which exposes Xiaomi creativity for what it really is.

Where does this leave us?

Xiaomi will most definitely sell a watch, after all, Apple is doing it. If history holds, they will wait to monitor the foibles and accolades of the Apple watch and then deliver a carbon copy at 1/3 of the price. The device will be held together with the best plastic that one guy buy for pennies and quit a few minutes after purchased. Or maybe I am just being too negative….


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