Xiaomi Rips off Kickstarter Idea- Classless Act


November 27, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi has gone begging for $1billion in funding so they can get their house in order. They got one billion plus.

Pressy, on the other hand, created a product, Kickstarted it and begged for $40k. They too hot more than they had asked for. They were funded to the tune of $700,000. Unfortunately for them that brought the IP thieves around and Xiaomi apparently ripped Pressy off.

Take a look at the pics from here



They pretty much look the same and pretty much act like two peas in a pod. Both are programmable and allow users to do up to ten different things with their phones.

Once again, I’d like to repeat. Pressy had the original idea, asked for $40k and got 700,000. Xiaomi, on the other hand just got $1 billion. Based on this, how low class is it of Xiaomi to rip off an idea of a struggling upstart?

Hell, Xiaomi probably could have bought the idea for $1 million, had $999,000,000 left in the bank, and garnered some positive ink. Of course they did not do this and merely look like low brow thieves who cannot innovate.

Other pic from here



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