My Mi, The Best Xiaomi MiBand review You Will Ever Read Part 2

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November 29, 2014 by ...


Ready to rumble?
After teasing you with the best review of a Xiaomi MiBand fitness tracker Part 1, your humble author would like to shed even more light on this $13 masterpiece/menace. But first, lets review. In part 1 I unboxed the tracker and found:
1- the box seemed sturdier than the actual product
2- the black model looks pretty good
3- unless you are a toddler, you may find the band ‘tourniquet tight’



And now on to the new….

Size- A plus
Compared to the Fitbit, the Xiaomi has a very small footprint. While neither is going to make you a humpback from toting it around, the smaller size of the Xiaomi is a plus. I frequently walk around with a perceptible Fitbit pocket bulge which I would not have with the Xiaomi piece.



Unfortunately the point is moot as Xiaomi’s product can only be worn on one’s wrist or as a necklace. The latter proposition is a little bit of a stretch as aesthetics are not Xiaomi’s strong point.


Not that appealing
After using the MiBand for a week, I will have to concede that it lacks attention to detail. This is especially true in its ‘wow’ factor. In fact, outside of the gym, it looks a little alien. When I strut along the mean streets of Beijing prying eyes glance at it and then one of three things typically happens. People either smile, run in fear or look on with morbid curiosity:

For example:
They grin and mutter something like, ‘How nice, he is an organ donor.’
Remove themselves from my presence yelling, ‘Children get away from that man, can’t you see he is under house arrest!’

If neither of these occurs then they are most likely to glance and say
something like, ‘Wow, look at the alien, he must hail from planet Xfrgnd located in the Nebulon cluster.’

Yeah, the thing is definitely not cool. I suppose I could color over the anemic gray hunk of plastic so that it does not stand out as much, but the $1 investment in a Marks A Lot pen would increase the MiBand cost by 7%. Tradeoffs being what they are, I just try to hide the thing under my sweater sleeves and hope for a workaround by summer time.

Set up cinch
Setting up the MiBand is simple, as long as you won a Xiaomi phone. After struggling to understand the mangled English commands, you figure out that you must download a MiBand app, register with Xiaomi, turn on blue tooth, pray, wait, try again, wait, pray some more, get a sandwich and then voila! Your Band is connected.

Compared to the Fitbit, Xiaomi’s process is a little more cumbersome, but nothing you will be yanking hair out over.

Data dearth, with a MiBand you get what you pay for
With a filled up gullet and installed app, you then see just what your Mi band is all about. Clicking the ‘about button on your phone tells you precisely that. And….

Information overload is no concern with the MiBand. In fact, it provides you with the bare necessities. The bad tells you precisely two things:
1- your battery is low
2- progress towards your one and only goal- step count…





But this only addresses issues like aesthetics and setup, but what about performance? Well, in order to find out about what is under the hood you will have to stay tuned and wait for the results of road testing this biyaaaccchh….stay tuned


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