Xiaomi Invests in Vianet- Moving Data Theft to the Cloud?


December 7, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi has scared half a dozen countries with its data theft and subsequent coverup thereof. They have proven nothing if not that ‘data security’ is not ‘job one’. Due to this, Taiwan will probably ban their gear at some level and India too. Their latest move seems to run contrary to assuring customer privacy but rather to own it, thus giving Xiaomi unfettered access to our secrets.

Xiaomi was cc’ing Beijing on messages, pics and data housed on its phones. Initially they claimed this untrue, then demurred and finally covered this up. Eventually Xiaomi promised to store data in ‘ABC’ Anywhere But China. This was supposed to allay fears of data theft.

Some claimed this strategy would not end Xiaomi’s swiping if our secrets. After all the issue was one of integrity and privacy protection, not location.

Xiaomi’ newest purchase
By purchasing into a Chinese cloud computing company, Xiaomi has backtracked. In the past they had said they would offshore data to protect it. This may have been a ruse, but at least they were keeping up appearances. News of this acquisition backtracks on that attempt at legitimacy.

If Xiaomi owns the cloud then they own the data. They can do what they wish and there is nothing we can do about it. Absent a measure of oversight that storing data in the facilities of another firm, Xiaomi is liable/capable of nicking data at will.

News of acquisition here


One thought on “Xiaomi Invests in Vianet- Moving Data Theft to the Cloud?

  1. Wary of Chinese tech gear says:

    It would seem to me that anyone trusting a Chinese cloud computing company has little to no knowledge about how prevalent Chinese hacking is.


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