Xiaomi Introducing New Phone at CES, Inviting Lawsuits?

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December 8, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi will probably try to enter the U.S. Market next year. This runs contrary to what Lei Jun its founder had said earlier. Then again, he also said that ,Xiaomi was not stealing data.

Setting aside Leu’s apparent definition of ‘truth’ we can see many problems with the move. Intellectual property, for example, is not Xiaomi’s strong point. In fact, over the past three years they have managed to eke out eight invention patents. To put this into perspective, I have two of my own. And I, rather than being an aspiring conglomerate, am merely an educator, tech worker and blogger.

Why this matters
The reason this matters is that Xiaomi has cut its teeth in countries with extra liberal IP laws. They have yet to crack the developed world ‘but’.

Of course their MI5 seems more like an HTC clone rather than Apple, the fact remains that it is unoriginal. Aside from this, it’s MIUI software China-centric and probably in violation of the Android GULA as well.

Culturally, its App Store is China-centric and the device is glitchy and filled with poor translations. While claim that it’s top of the line guts will drive customer demand, I have my doubts. If Xiaomi managed to anger more customers over quality, service and data security, than any other cell phone company, then how well will it be received in the USA?


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