Xiaomi Introduces their Newest Knockoff! The Redmi 2!!!!

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December 21, 2014 by ...

The net is abuzz with news of the next big thing from Xiaomi, the media darling. Overburdened with the need to spill ink and bylines, companies write about Xiaomi to get page clicks. They focus on this Chinese miracle child and the wonder of its ways. A key part of this is going on about spy pics of Xiaomi’s latest kit. Interestingly enough, when one scratches beneath the surface, they fins that Xiaomi is interesting but hardly creative. In fact, if it weren’t for cribbing competitor’s designs, Xiaomi phones would have the appeal of soiled underwear. Well, maybe not that bad, but you get my point.

Xiaomi Redmi, top secret pics!
This website offers ‘tantalizing’ photos of what Xiaomi is cooking up next.
As you can see, the phone is a yawner. Sure it may have good specs, but aesthetically speaking its proverbial scat in the punchbowl. Anyone who has had a hands on experience can tell you about how little Xiaomi knows about form factor. That phone is the more hearse than handset. It is big, luggy and about as fun to carry as a third limb.

Its draw lies in its specs but not beauty. The Redmi 1S, however, is not bad looking. That is until one has to use it, as your humble author has had the distinction of doing.

The Redmi is sexy, until one has to use it. It lists worse than the Titanic and is top heavy. Keeping it balanced in one’s hand is more a matter of prestidigitation than prowess.

Once again, its functionality is great, especially for the proce, but that is about all it has going for it. It is weighty, a smudge magnet and walking back door to Beijing. I’m so worried about security that. I do not attach my Amazon nor email accounts to it. Although I have no proof that it cc’s Beijing on my screes, I’d rather exercise caution.

Rah Rah, Xiaomi’s next big thing!
Which brings ne to the close of this missive. Xiaomi is great insofar as it teaches westerners how best to sell into China, and not vice-versa. It has a China-specific business model which relies on IP borrowing and nationalism. Neither of these translate well in the west. Aside from this, it is a security nightmare, which does not help.

They have been doing business for overseas for barely 120 days and already been nailed for security breaches, been banned and even sued. In order to compete, they will have to heavily change what they have been doing in the past.


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