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December 29, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi has an intriguing way to promote itself- it doesn’t. With no marketing to speak of, its up to the Xiaomi fanboys to spread the word, and typically command economy fashion, spread it they do.

The fact is that Xiaom’s rabid fan-base is an integral part of its corporate DNA. Since its inception, hype drove the Chinese firm. That was pushed from the top down but in a most enterprising manner. Once again, Lei. Jun relied on his communist cred and created a wu mao qian or ‘fifty cent army’ of his own.

Fifty cent what?
The Chinese communist party has said that media is to be used as a means to control internet conversations, shape them and form a civilized view of Marxism/Leninism. In other words, Big brother is literally scouring the web and ‘rectifying thought’. Anything that presents the party in a bad light should be deleted in China and attacked if overseas. In order to accomplish this task, the communist party literally millions of paid ‘pro-China’ bloggers. These people are known as the ‘fifty cent army’ because they reportedly receive 50 Chinese cents per post.

Here is a great post with just about all you need to know about Chinese who are paid to post and sway the narrative of just about anything.

“Xiaolan calls the leak “evidence of the work of the Fifty Cent Party” (见证五毛党的工作), referring to commentators who are paid to write online in favor of government policies, attacking “public intellectuals,” boosting Xi Jinping’s image, and monitoring netizens’ activities. One list of commentators [Chinese] includes job titles after each name. While a “fifty center” may invoke late-night posters making money on the side, the commentators listed in this directory are cadres and officials.”

Ok so you are saying that the communist party pays people to say good things about them?
Yes that is precisely what I am saying, in fact, if one has read comments about any contentious China-centric issue, they have probably seen the work of a ‘fifty center’. What they read was something that either
1- misdirected the attack on China to a western country, preferentially the USA
2- picks at one meaningless detail and then drags the comments woefully off topic
3- posts under the name of an occidental acting as if all the other occidentals are out of order.

Example- article states that the Dali Lama is to meet with Nobel Prize winners. Beijing calls this irresponsible as the Dali is a separatist. Westerners call Beijing reactionaries and bemoan their human rights record.

Fifty center method 1
-how arrogant are those westerners? Why is America complaining about human rights for? One look at Ferguson and Guantanamo tells us what they truly stand for.
(Fifty center tries to redirect the attack forcing Americans to defend their country rather than argue the point at hand).

Method 2
– ‘The Nobel prize is merely a tool of the rich to defeat the poor. Its value lies in how its used. Recipients are chosen for ulterior motives rather than one’s with merit.
(Fifty center tries to redirect the topic away from Beijing and its policies. This will force commenters to take a stand on this issue and never address the key which is Beijing and the Dali Lama. )

Method 3
Posted under the whitest sounding name, preferably with an American looking avatar.
‘As a law abiding American, I think we needs to stop think China and focus on selves. The America have enough problems than to thinking about beijing.’

As you can see, the idea is to reshape public discourse in terms favorable or at least un damaging to Beijing.

But what about Xiaomi?
Lei Jun is a communist member charged with the inauspicious task of making laws that have little to no power, unless the less than legitimate communist party says they do. Take corruption, for example. It has been illegal since before Mao was pickled and potted in Tianenman. Of course, this little factoid has done nothing to staunch the flow of hot money garnered from this pracrice. In fact, China alone accounted for over $130 billion in illicit money flowing out of the country in last year alone. To put that quantity into perspective, it is as much as McKesson pharmaceuticals made last year. In other words, communist members and their family steal enough inside of China to bank a McKesson’s worth of cash overseas as well.

Which brings me back to the point, Lei Jun has a great sideline job. He sits with China’s lawmakers. I am sure this must come in handy when he has to defend himself against, well , I don’t know, against intellectual property theft…

Communist judge
Looks like Iphone

Lei Jun

Communist judge
Yes looks like

Lei jun
Remember that trip we took to Sanya last summer….the sun…the submarines… The KTV hussies…

Communist judge
From this angle, not really look like Apple….

Ok ok, so LJ sups with Beijing brass, but what does that have to do with fifty cent posters?
Pretty much everything. LJ has communist DNA throughout his firm and this is but one more example. His scheme is to award points to Xiaomi users who are active online. They are judged much the same way as fifty scent posters. Such activities as blocking bad news, redirecting anything potentially dangerous and a host of others is their internet fare. For their efforts they get chits or points. These can be redeemed and move one to the front of the line for Xiaomi’s newest offering. They can also be redeemed for plush toys, front row seats and dinners with the boys.

Fake fanboys?
I am not saying that Xiaomi does not have fanboys for they really do. All. I’d like to add to the conversarion is that the method he employs to ensure that the message gets out and is managed is cut from the same cloth as the fifty cent poster startefy. Each person is given quantifiable goals and then remunerated based upon their results. The overarching goal is to control thoughts of those weak internet people and convince them of something half true….

Do a Google search on something like
‘Xiaomi shitty quality’

‘Xiaomi security threat’

And see if you cannot find some paid fan boys in there…


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