Fraud Alert! Xiaomi ‘Invents’ Apple Air?


December 30, 2014 by ...

Xiaomi is a Chinese company with a $45 billion valuation. This makes Xiaomi the most valuable private tech firm in the world. This should come as no surprise. After all, Xiaomi is a cutting edge firm. Just one look at its newest offering tells us as much.


Oh wait, that’s not the newest offering from Xiaomi, this is


Well, wait a minute, can that be right? The unit on the top, which is an Apple, looks a lot like the unit on the bottom, which is not. If you look closely enough, you can see the Xiaomi logo. Odd, isn’t it?

How is it that Xiaomi, which has never produced a computer before can build a laptop with the same specs as Apple? Well, that is exactly what they are supposedly doing.

GizmoChina says that Xiaomi is building such a laptop and has the pics to prove it. According to them, the faux-Air, will come in two flavors:
Mi-mimic with an 11 inch screen for $499 and the Mega-mimicMi 13 incher for $999.

Amazing, isn’t it? Xiaomi can go from zero to tech leader without ever even producing a single pc nor laptop. I suppose part of their success is due to sharing ideas from Apple teardowns. After all, Xiaomi kit is anything if unoriginal.

Luckily for them, China plays fast and loose with IP laws, especially of late. Beijing has been clamoring for a national hero in the tech space and in Xiaomi, they may have found their darling. Another benefit in choosing Xiaomi for this role is that Xiaomi does not have the negative baggage of a Huawei or ZTE, even though Lei Jun, its leader has a worse record with IP theft and security has definitely been an issue.

Most people do not realize this and pine away about the Xiaomi model and how innovative they truly are. All of this is obscured by the facts, however, if one truly digs and seeks them. No further proof than the Xiaomi faux -Air need be given to prove this claim.

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One thought on “Fraud Alert! Xiaomi ‘Invents’ Apple Air?

  1. […] the product is is anybody’s guess. Perhaps Xiaomi has ‘invented’ the MacBook Air, or merely replicated a Japanese air purifier. Oh yeah, they have already done […]


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