Himax, Cloning a Clone? Himax’s Xiaomi Look Alike


January 1, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi is knocked for ripping style designs off Apple. This contention is substantiated by a product line up which pretty much looks and feels like anything but original work as you can see here.




Due to its ability to ape Apple, Xiaomi has gained traction both in China and other countries as well. They also leverage hunger marketing or a slow product rollout which maximizes interest while minimizing distribution. This essentially luxurizes a commodity because not everyone can own one of their phones. The third pillar in their success portfolio is to build decent quality into their products.

Xiaomi’s flaw is lack of originality
Unfortunately for Xiaomi, they are merely a ‘me too’ player. By copying Apple design, products and portfolio, they add no value. This means that they are easily cloned. Their value proposition is in mimicry, a thing that any firm can do. In contrast to Apple, whose value add is in unique design and secure ecosystem, Xiaomi is but a copy.

In what can only be called ‘karma’, Indonesia’s Himax is giving them a run for their money by essentially aping Xiaomi. This firm has taken to mimicking the Xiaomi product offering but filling their phones with better guts. The result is a faux-Xiaomi which is better than the original, as shown here.


According to this site, the Himax is a winner. Not only is it technically sound but Xerox’s design from the word’s most infamous patent infringer itself.


One thought on “Himax, Cloning a Clone? Himax’s Xiaomi Look Alike

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