After Becoming Official Phone of Communist Party, Huawei Sales Skyrocket

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January 2, 2015 by ...

In September Beijing made Huawei the official phone of the communist party. This mandate has paid off in spades as Huawei has sold 75 million units for rev of almost $12 billion. My only question is which communist cadres disobeyed the Beijing diktat. After all, China has 80 million party members and thus not everyone was on board.

I can assure you that Beijingers are doing their part. As if by miracle, most of my communist party acquaintances now sport Huawei gear. A few years ago those same people were using non-Chinese brands. Just today I lunched with a civil servant who now uses Huawei and she started off our discussion by comparing it most favorably to the Iphone. Of course this was just party blather as she later admitted that the Iphone was too expensive and then hinted that her bosses thought a Huawei would look better in her grasp. Being a loyal party girl, she fell in line. Beijing being the heart of China’s communist party means that we now see much more Huawei gear now.

Today the benefactor was not only Huawei but other Chinese suppliers as well. Sure, the party mandated that cadres use Huawei, but at the same time they excoriated Apple in the press. Beijing controlled press raked them over the coals on specious customer service claims.

Those same news outlets then harped on about how for the price of two Iphones, Beijing could outfit one soldier! No kidding, one of the communist party mouthpieces made that claim.

Their two-fold goal was obvious. First off they want to present Apple as a greedy capitalist firm gouging the poor Chinese. ‘With the money they waste on gadgets we can field an army!’

Secondly they play the nationalist card. ‘Why support those greedy foreigners when our boys are starving in foxholes?’

Like I said, the mind wash is working. There is a near patriotic zeal in the eyes of anyone whose cell phone purchase coincides with the big boys in Beijing. In the past they felt like Rubes for carrying Chinese kit, but now they are being patriotic, at least that is what it sounds like to me.

‘Buying Huawei keeps my boss happy and saves me money. So why not do it?’ She says with a conspiratorial grin.

By taking Apple to task, the communist party ensures that buying anything but Chinese kit is seen as unpatriotic. Just like my friend, Chinese can feel like good sons and daughters of the revolution by eschewing an Iphone. At the same time, they don’t need to make the hard choice between a down payment on the bribe to get junior into grade school and a cellular device.


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