1-15 Xiaomi’s Day to Shine- Introducing the …..

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January 14, 2015 by ...

With Steve Jobs gone, Xiaomi’s. Lei Jun has center stage all to himself.

The problem is that he doesn’t really know how to handle all the attention. Before things were much easier, Jobs would do something and Lei and his would do the same and presto, mini-me was cooking.

Xiaomi’s business model was little more than,’Yah, we do that too, only cheaper.’

But that will get them only so far. For one thing, Jobs is gone and so is the excitement he wrought. Now Lei Jun has to put on his big boy britches and start to invent. Of course this is difficult for a firm which has proven if nothing else, that mimicry defines their corporate DNA.

As I said, Lei and clan must now change all that. Of course from what I’ve seen, some of the boys at Xiaomi didn’t get the memo and their latest flagship may wind up being another innovation disappointment. An Iphone knockoff without Itunes, Siri and all the other things we have grown to love/hate about Jobs-ware.

Of course it does not matter what Xiaomi delivers on the fifteenth, the press will lap at it like a pup to its puke. Editors are pushing for China news which doesn’t involve bloodshed and Muslims being told they cannot pray. This makes for slim pickens in the middle kingdom, with Lei the crowd favorite. After all, his puss is a little more palatable than that of

Jack Ma, who appears to have fallen from an alien mothership and landed on pur corporate doorstep.

Jun is also better than this guy

Huawei’s head honcho. Is it just me, or do all ex communist soldiers seem ill-at ease in suits?

Sartorial splendor aside, Chinese corporate jocks fail to impress. Mugging for the camera is not on their bucket list, which is notoriously slim. Lei, however, does not seem to mind. On the contrary, limelight seems to be his calling. Which brings me back to my point, Xiaomi is set to debut something huge tomorrow.

Many are claiming the new kit to be the world’s thinnest phone, or perhaps Lei will simply cure cancer. Either way, the press will eat it up, after all, it is a Chinese success story. Once the dust settles, however, and we roll back the red carpet and sweep away the confetti, we will be staring at another Xiaomi attempt at innovation which when looked at with a clear mind will prove once again that they really cannot innovate.


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