Xiaomi Redefines WTF? Gorilla Skull Headphones and So Much More

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January 15, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi over-promised and under-produced today. First off they failed to deliver on ‘thin as a cicada wing’ and gave us the Mi-monstrosity. Their newest offering in the Redmi line, which has gotten progressively more mundane.

With pics shot at sexy angles the thing looks semi-passable, but up close its a yawner. Picture a Barbie Doll shoe box without the glitz and that’s your Redmi form factor.

Apparently Xiaomi didn’t get Apple design specs in time for production runs so they had to wing it. The result is a plasticky box with the aesthetic appeal of Soviet era barracks.

Following up on that futility, the intrepid Xiaomi staff created an ape skull

I mean headphones. Sticking with their indigenous design motto of function over form, they slashed together hanks of simian-esque pleather and duct taped it to a bent hangar. Kudos to the kids for improvements made on their ill-fated beta model, however.

What the ‘skull’ lacks in style it makes up for in weight, ensuring the onset of spinal bifida with each use.

If dangling tree stumps from your pate is of no interest, then try the one bright spot of the Xiaomi show-a little box which plugs into an outlet and looks cool.

I’m not really clear on what it does but that’s beside the point. I’d buy it just for the ‘Hey what’s that thing?’ Factor.

All-in-all Xiaomi had a rather unremarkable day. The promise of an ultra-thin something or other was subsumed to the realities of manufacturing limitations. What we witnessed was just how little creativity Xiaomi has.

Furry headphones, cludgy handsets and a repurposed Tic-Tac box are hardly the thing of the real ‘next Apple’.


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