Why Xiaomi’s IPhone Swap Will Never Work

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January 26, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi wants to swap old IPhones for new Mi-gear. While this sounds great, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. The reason is that aside from rabid Mi-fans, people only buy Xiaomi because they have no options. They want to look like they have Jobs kit, but don’t have the wallet size. From afar most Mi phones are indistinguishable from their Apple counterparts, so most people don’t know the difference. In a face-based society that means a lot.

These Mi-sumers are merely biding their time, however. They either buy out if need or curiosity, but soon defect. The brand engenders little to no loyalty. Take it from me, after you buy one you soon are going, ‘Hm, is that it? I mean, really? Is this the best they can do?’ Even more telling is how 80% of students who own Xiaomi dislike the brand. Talk about bad publicity.

Sure the phones are ok, but so is my HTC, Gionee and even Nokia. Xiaomi simply offers no ‘Damn, I gotta have this!’

Given these facts, Xiaomi’s plan will read great in the press but the proverbial turd in the punch bowl of business strategy. It’s a strategy which proves how far removed Xiaomi is from the 80% or non die-hard ‘Mi-fans’.

I’ve got my Xiaomi and to be honest I’m thinking of trading back down to a QWERTY Nokia S-71. Simply put, Xiaomi is marginally better, but not a deal breaker. Buy one and tell me what you think.


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