Xiaomi Coming to America

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February 13, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi is going to sell products tithe American market soon. No you won’t be able to buy a faux iPhone just yet, however. Aware of its IP liability, Xiaomi will enter with low end goods which nonetheless are pirated designs, but much easier to legally defend.

For example, they will sell charging bricks which look like IPods after a few months of gluttony. To wit:




IP theft and Xiaomi
It will be much more difficult for Apple to attack Xiaomi insofar as the items look alike but are different enough, at least imho.

Xiaomi will also bring its headphones, which to my American compatriots , ‘Suck worse than the cheapest shit we get in America.’

Yeah, that is a direct quote from someone to whom I showed my Xiaomi set. Of course the sample size makes predictions less than scientific, but I’d agree with that assessment. Simply put, the earbuds look great but exemplify mediocrity. This portends gloom in a country with as many trinkets and trash as we have in America.

Another potential strategy is to sell other Xiaomi gear, but once again what can they peddle?

Sure the mascot below is cute if you are accustomed to CCTV and communist propaganda, but would you buy a PLA soldier/bunny replete with communist star for your kid?


Yeah, I didn’t think so.

In any event, Xiaomi is going to feel out the American market. My bet is that it’s more about brand building than selling anything. The IP challenges are too great at this point to sell anything but chargers-cum airborne missiles and head phones. This is not a problem in peddling stock, however. All we Americans need to hear is that ‘China’s Apple’ is going public and fists crammed with dead presidents will be fighting their way to the nearest stockbroker in hopes of cashing in on the next big thing.


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