Xiaomi’s Action Cam-Proof of How Uncreative It Is

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March 3, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi has created/cribbed an action cam. Based on specs, style and price, it pretty much epitomizes Xiaomi’s essence- a cheap ‘me too’ product with the aesthetic appeal of wet Kleenex and woefully uncreative.

First off, let me address my comment on visual appeal. Sure Xiaomi makes good-looking kit, but that only occurs in stolen designs:

When left to their own devices however, Xiaomi invents ‘blah’, as typified by their newest offering, pictured here: 

Which has barely a tad more sex appeal than a box of arsenic, shown here:

Color me cynical, but the Xiaomi cam ‘designers’ must have taken their creative cues from the local sanitarium.

Then again, I may be exaggerating, but not by much. Simply put, the Xiaomi cam is drab. It’s distinct form factor proves nothing else if that Xiaomi needs to start recruiting designers asap. 

I would buy one but fear that in my haste, before going on a heart-pounding ski run, I’d grab the salt shaker instead. How stupid would I feel while trying to strap that onto my ski helmet?

No, I think this little gadget is not for me.

Then again, I’m no expert. According to the folks in the know, the device is pretty solid and has the guts of a champ. But I cannot get over the look of this thing:

How much of a turn off is this creepy thing?

Worse yet is the product imagery and copy. Its got that low-brow ‘back of the comic book ad’ feel to it. You know the one , ‘X-Ray glasses, buy for only $.99!’

And what’s up with the hand? Is that thing real or made of wax? 

In all honesty, the whole thing looks like a sham.

And while I’m at it I might as well disparage Xiaomi’s advertising team as well. Check this out. It’s from their homepage. Here is how Xiaomi is touting its new gear:

Yeah, that’s Xiaomi creativity for ya. I don’t know about you, but when I think of whiz bang action cams! My mind bypasses images like this

And immediately  renders something as adrenaline-inducing as this: 

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. This is not what I conjour up when thinking of heart-pounding adventure. Then again, maybe I’m being harsh. Perhaps Xiaomi  knows it’s demographic much better than I do and such ads appeal to the 75% male ‘couch-lizard’ cohort which purchases it’s phones. For that set, messages such as this could be a resounding hit.

After all, what could be more exciting for these dudes than actually being with their very own female companion! In a land with 30 million ‘extra guys’, that message is sure to have traction. 

Sarcasm aside, could Xiaomi have found ‘models’ in possessesion of less energy and charm? I don’t know about you, but the slightly more than sullen look of that troupe does little to create excitement, at least in yours truly. If Xiaomi failed to hook me with the plastic-finger, then the utter rhapsody of these four will surely seal the deal. Who could pass up on being a part of anything this glorious?

If nothing else, the ad shows just how important it is to let the real professionals do their job and or hire a proper marketing firm to create product appeal. 

Ok, I think I’ve made my point and here are my takeaways:

– yours truly will not be buying this thing

– Xiaomi must ‘man up’ and hire a proper marketing firm

 Xiaomi must ‘man up’ and hire a proper product design team

– Xiaomi must ‘man up’ and truly try to create

Absent doing the above, Xiaomi is little more than a Walmart of the tech world. ‘Always low prices, always’


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