Xiaomi to Sell Malware-Free Phone in India!

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March 12, 2015 by ...

Newsflash, China’s Xiaomi is selling its Redmi 2 in India, but that’s just the teaser. The real story is that this phone will ship without malware!

Yeah, for the first time in its meager existence, Xiaomi will sell a handset which does not spy on you, nor steal your banking data. Of course this may seem like a trifling detail. After all, shouldn’t consumers expect that their handhelds won’t spy on them and CC Beijing on all their messages? 

While some may have the outlandish notion that their phone is really their own and not by proxy, the tool of some guy in Shenzhen, China, they would not include anyone who has purchased Xiaomi kit.  In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite. Those eager beavers who slop $100 down on a smartphone, at least in China, pretty much figure that they are going to get robbed. The local Chinese (rightly) assume that for such low prices Chinese manufacturers load up their gear with malware. Credit card and data theft subsidize the cell phone market and the Chinese have grown numb to this fact by now.

Of course the same is probably not true for the rest of us, but then again, our income bracket permits us to buy higher-end fare. Hardcore Xiaomi’ers however, typically do not count themselves in this number. Of course, this message is meant for that specific demographic.

As I said, Xiaomi probably has a more checkered past than any phone maker. In its first year of venturing out of China it was banned in a few countries and involved in various scandals. Of course nationalistic Chinese took to the ‘net claiming anything less than kid gloves -boxing Xiaomi in the ears, to be nothing more than yellow journalism. Of course this set would prefer to skirt around the facts and shove the conversation behind the ‘race card’ and forestall its progress. The facts however, tell the tale. 

If the Redmi ships sans ‘theft ware’, then will it be a first for this China-based company? 


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