Xiaomi Sets Guiness Record-Most Knockoff Cellphones Sold in 12 Hours!

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April 9, 2015 by ...

China’s Xiaomi did the unthinkable. No, I’m not accusing them of anything original. Their past proves this a non-sequitur. What I’m saying is that Xiaomi has shattered a Guiness world record!

The intrepid, not-so-little upstart bested Deng Xiao Kong of Chongqing, China to claim the title of ‘Copycat King of China!’ 

A few years back, Deng, the Chinese dude with an ill-fated name, wanted to hawk four busloads of knockoff Nokias. That guy was the friend-of-a friend of some guy in Shenzhen who replicated near-flawless N-73’s. The sales lasted until Wang Lijun, of Bo Xilai fame, sent some of his she-cop hotties to bust up the racket. 

Subsequent to this, Messers Wang and Deng reached an agreement and a fire sale ensued. At deeply discounted prices, the two sold out their kit of hundreds of thousands of handsets. Sure it was a tall order to break such a record, but Xiaomi was up for it.

According to TechCrunch, Xiaomi recently sold 2.12 million phones in 12 hours. The total revenue exceeded $335 million, or about $349,999,995 more than Xiaomi’s research and development budget. 

The twelve hour fire sale included 38,000 ‘warranty liability’ TV sets and 777,000 assorted fire hazards/gadgets. 

The only thing I have to ask is that with Xiaomi’s  reputation for horrendous quality, how many repair shops will soon be ankle deep in Lei Jun kit?


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