Xiaomi’s Not-So-Global, ‘Global Launch’

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April 22, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi Is launching the ‘I’ which is a comedy of errors.

Not very big globe 

 First off, Xiaomi is calling the launch ‘global’ and is looking at a very attenuated map. After all, the globe is much bigger than Singapore, Indonesia and a few other countries where Xiaomi’s newest kit will be sold. 

Designed by toddlers?

Xiaomi’s ‘I’ advertisement is also remarkable and I, for one, applaud them for allowing a third grader to design it: 
Nobody  need question the veracity of Xiaomi’s claim that they spend next-to-nothing on marketing. To them it’s all PowerPoint extras topped off with a dollop of ‘creepy’. Yes the ‘I’ ad does little to inspire.

‘I’ WTF?

And while I’m taking a poke at Xiaomi, why not dissect its naming convention. WTF is up with the ‘I’, anyway? I mean, Apple does no own the letter, but it’s pretty much fenced it off. When most of us think of ‘I’ devices, I’m betting our minds flutter to a Cupertino-based company and not knockoff Apple gear. 

I mean, come on Xiaomi, there are 26 letters in the alphabet and boatloads more if you include Cirilic and Thai, so why not be original and use one of them?

The answer is obvious of course. Xiaomi cannot invent. As a consequence the pirating Xiaomi is not-so-globally launching it’s latest clone, hidden behind yet more Apple innuendo.

Great job Xiaomi, Mi cannot wait to see ‘Your’ newest ‘invention’.


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