White Skin, Racism and Xiaomi

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May 6, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi phones have a feature which allows Chinese to love themselves, if but for an instant. For those who believe that their skin is a bit too ‘yellow’ or ‘dark’, as they say in the mainland, Xiaomi cameras can change that. Yes, Lei Jun phones help users take pics that look ‘not so much like mi’. 

Phones offer ‘Mi White’ editing

The app in question lets users dial back skin tone, making them appear whiter. Detractors are offended at Mi-fans who would stoop to such self-deprecation. ‘Are you ashamed of yellow skin?’ They ask and quickly follow up with, ‘And what’s up with Xiaomi for offering that feature?’

The first question is rhetorical as desire to change skin hue is universal. Africans prefer milk to dark color or vice-versa. Americans tan and for Chinese, the whiter the better.

Not just Mi

As for Xiaomi offering the service, it’s a no-brainer. That sort of app is native on most Chinese phones, along with face ‘de-rounders’. Yes, my Gionee Elife allows one to scale back the curvature of their skull.

Thinking like this is a form of self-hatred or expression, depending on your natural face shape and hue. What I mean to say is that short guys envy tall and thin want bigger muscles. We want what’s hardest if not impossible to obtain. As far as Xiaomi selling ‘white’, it a non-issue. 

My decision

The words above articulate where I stand and the truth of the matter. It is no more discriminatory to provide whitening apps as protein powder. If someone is buying Xiaomi in order to achieve self-enlightenment, then that’s the real problem.


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