Xiaomi Defends R&D Team? He’s Referring to Apple’s Ive?

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May 8, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi is an interesting Chinese company with an innovative founder. That man, Lei Jun is creative beyond words. 


No, he’s not creative in that ‘new product’ sort of way, but creative nonetheless. Take, for example, his saying that Xiaomi’s success was based on ‘in-house’ innovation. 

Unless he’s moved his house from Shenzhen to Cupertino, I’ve gotta’ call shenanigans. 

Absent his hiring John Ive out from Apple, his design team is composed of little more than an army of Chinese armed with purloined pics of Jobs-ware and copying machines. To wit:

Can you distinguish the in-house mastery of Lei Jun’s team from that of Apple?

  No,  I can’t either. 

Lei Jun brings yuk yuk 

Now that you’ve spat out your morning Corn Flakes, check out what else Lei Jun had to say in a letter to fans and staff alike, “We have to consistently focus on product innovation, emphasize making friends with our users, and strive to produce high-quality, high-performance devices which ensure great user experience,” 

Wait, did he really say that?

Let’s rewind, “We have to consistently focus on product innovation…” 

Did he 


really say that

With a straight face?


Oh well, I’m sure he did. And in some perverted world where this is an accetpable form of corporate image, 

I’m sure he meant it. After all, Xiaomi is the most valuable private tech firm. This, despite its ‘photoshopping stolen product ideas‘ in-house tech team is probably a team of one, and an intern at that. How hard can his job be?

‘Hey kid.’


‘Apple designs just hit the web….’

Intern heard slamming the door and calling out,’I’m on it. Expect Xiaomi Mi 5 phone design in a couple of minutes….’

One more thing…

Adding to the hee-haw, Lei Jun carped, “Currently, the level of research and imitation of Xiaomi’s model by industry peers is as detailed as studying pixels in a picture,”

Um can somebody get this memo to the Xiaomi C-suite:

Just ‘cuz you stole it, doesn’t mean you own it…..


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