Xiaomi Selling MiBand? iPhone has Same for Free

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May 12, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi is selling its MiBands for next-to-nothing, which is ironically enough, much too much cash. Now before you consider me a hater and hit the back button, hear me out.

I am, or was the not-so-proud owner of a MiBand. At least until ‘sterling Xiaomi construction and attention to detail reared its ugly head, leaving me with this:

Yeah, that’s all that I’m left with, an ugly hunk of skin exposing plastic. Silly me for thinking that the cheeseball elastomer retaining strap would be the first thing to fail. Instead of that, the entire bad malfunctioned, leaving my Mi in parts unknown. Yes, in less than one month, my Mi took on a life of its own and kamikazieed out of its plastic home and now I am without. (For a pre-band fail review go here-https://hungermarketingchina.wordpress.com/2014/11/29/my-mi-the-best-xiaomi-miband-review-you-will-ever-read-part-2/)

Be that as it may, your humble author is geared up to discuss the ‘Over-priced hunk of Mi-sety with no build integrity-Mi’. Ok, enough of the anger, let me bring on the facts.

MiBand is cheap but looks even cheaper

In an attempt at design, Xiaomi created the congenital birth defect of the wearable fitness band world. The bracelet itself was not ugly, after all, who cannot do black right? But the problem was with the monitor itself. The thing is atrocious. 

Don’t think me a snobbish sophisticate, I’m anything but. To me the best things in life are free or somewhere near that price point. I do have standards, however. Just as I don’t buy lackluster $9 jeans at Walmart, I don’t adorn my body with ungainly hunks of plastic. 

The MiBand screams, ‘Look at me!’

But not in that come hither, sexy way. But in that,’Holy shit, did you see those long hairs growing on that creepy mole?’ Sort of way. 

The MiBand pits industrial strength ugly with ‘prison-release chic’, but I guess you know where I’m going with this. The bottom line is that the tracker is an eyesore.

But what about performance?

The not so natty nature of the Mi-monstrosity would be forgivable if it brought on the tech! But of course it doesn’t. When tested against my Fitbit, Xiaomi failed. Unless of course I did run a marathon each day of the few weeks that I used it. At least that’s what the monitor said. Of course I am exaggerating but not by much. 

The Xiaomi band over represented my steps and that’s the good news. The bad news is that it only natively measures steps. Any other activity you must specifically program into it using the phone, which then reduces the fitness tracker a hard drive which stores data. For example, you can tell it you are going to do sit-ups and then get down to it. Between the band and phone it will tell you how many calories you burned, but then again you could do the same thing sans Mi Band.

The bright spot about the Mi Band was the sleep monitor. In that it worked better than my Fitbit. In addition, I didn’t have to tell it I was going to sleep, it figured that out by itself. You would think that for seven times as much money, the Fitbit could the same.

Worth the cash?

It’s hard to say that $13 is too much for a fitness tracker, but it is. For nothing, my iPhone does the same thing. In fact, Apples health app is more comprehensive and accurate. The only problem is that you have to accept it because Cupertino big shots grafted it into the heart of the phone.

Shame on Apple’s aggression and lack of respect for free choice. But kudos for offering a killer app. 

As for Xiaomi, they offer cheap tech that is great for first timers. Those with experience however, will demand more.


You can buy the Mi, but won’t be happy for long. It will fall from the carrying strap and or the app will fail, as it is wont to do. When dealing with Xiaomi, remember the price you paid and set expectations accordingly. Yes, there is a reason why they sell for $13 what others tout for $99. Quality is worth the price.


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