Surge in Domestic Cellphone Proves Anti-Foreign Rhetoric working

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May 13, 2015 by ...

China’s communist party has pulled out all the stops. Frustrated with lack of indigenous growth and innovation, they are attacking foreign firms. 

This sort of thing has been pervasive in the Middle Kingdom for quite some time, but Xi Jinping, the new communist capo, has turned it up a notch.

Yeah, the adult wearing the creepy Howdy Doodie get up, is stoking nationalism at every turn. His mandates include programming like this,

Or worse. 

Buy Chinese  or get nothing!

The communists humiliate consumers for buying foreign brands. They did this with Apple by whining that the 6 and 6 Plus cost more than a Chinese soldier’s gear. They fail to mention that you get what you pay for…

Beijing also mandated that civil servants ditch Apple and use Huawei, which has been alleged to be a communist spy ring. Party members kow towed and Huawei sales exploded.

The communists did the same thing across industries but with mixed results. Chinese milk powder is to mainlanders what Chernobly was to the USSR, a hazard which shouldn’t be touched for centuries to come. 

Domestic cars fared little better, as one can imagine. Who wants to be unpeeling the steering column from their spleen after a 10 MPH fender bender?

Command economies leave no choice

Simply put, command economies leave consumers with few choices. They nudge local favs into the hearts and minds of most people, for whom buying anything non-Chinese is a dream. What these poor souls are left with are cars you can crush with a fist, phones which steal your data, and government officials desperate to leave the hell they have created. 

Oh yeah, Xiaomi benefitted too…


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