Xiaomi Knocks Off Apple Product Debut Excitement, and Fails

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May 14, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi just launched another iPhone, er, I mean Mi Phone which happens to look like a similar Apple product but according to Xiaomi’s Lei Jun, does not. 

The handset in question has guts made by not-from-China firms wrapped around a not-designed-in-China chassis. And the piracy does not stop there. 

Ever vigilant of what the competition is doing so they can mimick it, Xiaomi has taken to copying iPhone buyer frenzy, as the photos show. 

Tell me this doesn’t look staged?

And even if it’s not. The whole thing has that creepy ‘wtf are those goons peering at‘  feel. When I think ecstatic consumers, this comes to mind


But in that skewed alternate universe that Xiaomi inhabits, it’s patrons can only muster something like this…

Pardon me, but is that sheer bliss on his face or did he just pass gas?

I’m not saying that Xiaomi fans need be like this


 And yeah, this might be waay over the top


 But at least it looks unscripted and raw. 

This Xiaomi customer on the other hand, has that ‘Shit, I just spilled half a can of Coke in my lap and have to sit through the next 45 minutes of this meeting till I can wash,‘ feeling.


Color me cynical, but is that ‘buyers remorse’ that I see creeping in?

And speaking of creep, what’s up with the ‘high fives’ at the gala?

China didn’t get the memo about love shakes and knuckle-taps?

How about this Mi fan

 In Mandarin the sign says, ‘Please  donate money or I’ll have to buy a shitty Xiaomi instead of an iPhone.’

But back to this photo op: 

In the kitty litter-themed ‘no we didn’t copy this from Apple too’ stores that Xiaomi ‘invented’, the new phone debut looks equal parts ‘Hey, is this the place passin’ out free biscuits and gravy?’ And ‘Come on, look excited, Xiaomi is paying us all two dollars to show up and make this debut look rocking. And remember we get an extra fifty cents if we look like rabid fans!’ Feel to it. After all, there seems to be as many staff as ‘enthusiastic patrons’. 

While I’m beating a dead horse I might as well point out that Xiaomi employees seem to be the only ones ‘capturing the joy. Funny thing is that at Apple product debuts, it’s the press taking pics and not the Apple personnel. 

In sum, Xiaomi’s incessant mimicry of everything Apple would funny if not so sad. But through it all, we can only shake our heads and think, ‘Do you know how insecure and desperate these contrived photo ops look? And if not, you should. In the event you do know, then why keep up the charade?’


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