Mi Note Pro Overheating, Micromax and Modi -Xiaomi News

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May 17, 2015 by ...

1-Lots Of Mi Note Pro Consumers Complaining Of Overheating Issues And Burnt Motherboards

According to 52rd, several smartphone users who ended up purchasing Mi Note Pro when it made its way to China have reported severe cases of overheating. This overheating plague has had a deleterious effect on their handsets, as some owners have stated that their expensive purchases have stopped functioning due to burned motherboards. Additionally, others are complaining that their devices’ screens are not powering on while others are saying that their touchscreen is behaving in a very erratic manner.

Mi Note Pro Reported To Suffer From Overheating Issues As Well; Snapdragon 810 Inside

The list of problems does not end here. Mi Note Pro owners have also reported that severe overheating takes place when the large screen smartphone is plugged in to the wall socket for charging purposes. While charging a smartphone through a wall socket using a high amperage charger would certainly warrant the overheating scenario, the temperatures have been reported to go above the recommended threshold, resulting in smartphones unable to respond.

2-Xiaomi Mi Note Pro update: Snapdragon 810 SoC reported to be once again causing overheating issues in new flagship phablet

In February this year, LG, which is using the Snapdragon 810 chipset in the G Flex 2, had released the results of a test that showed the Snapdragon 801 running at higher temperatures, forcing it to use the 810 chipset in its new smartphone. Samsung had also decided to switch from using the Snapdragon 810 in its just released Galaxy S6 flagship to its homegrown Exynos chipset after discovering that Qualcomm’s chip was overheating. Further, in a benchmark test conducted by a Dutch website on some of the flagship smartphones currently available in the market, the recently released HTC One M9 powered by the Snapdragon 810 had also exposed overheating issues of Qualcomm’s latest chipset.

3-Smartphones from Xiaomi, Micromax pressure established manufacturers

Smartphone manufacturers Micromax in India and Xiaomi in China have given the low-end segment a shake up with their latest products, and even if the devices don’t go on sale around the world, their launches will likely be felt globally.

The impressive specs and aggressive pricing of the Micromax Yu Yuphoria and the Xiaomi Mi 4i will put pressure on phone makers Samsung Electronics and Motorola Mobility to step up their efforts in the segment for sub-$200 smartphones.

4-From Alibaba to Xiaomi, why Modi must chase China’s booming tech companies

Xiaomi, now the fifth largest smartphone vendor in the world, has already sold more than 1 million units in India since it entered the market a year ago. It is such a craze that at its March launch event of its latest Mi 4 phone in New Delhi, it drew a crowd of thousands of young, Indian “fans” eager to be a part of the Xiaomi story.
Motorola knocks off Xiaomi model?

5-Motorola to replicate India-only service centre model in Brazil

NEW DELHI:  Motorola Mobility’s flagship experience and service centre in Bengaluru, where customers can touch and feel the company’s locally available smartphones and order them online through in-house kiosks, is set to be replicated this month in Brazil. 



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