Why Xiaomi Cannot Buy Blackberry-Security, Anyone?

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May 29, 2015 by ...

Quite a few companies would like to buy Blackberry. It has global reach, cachet and even Obama uses one. Not the least of those desiring to get a piece of the blackberry pie are Chinese firms like Xiaomi and Huawei. 

The problem is that Obama owns one. It’s not like his purchase decision made them more desirable, but it proves a point. Blackberry phones are hyper secure. This puts them in juxtaposition to iPhones which are now allowed to ‘listen in on’ your calls by the communist elite in Beijing-allegedly. 

And iPhones are the best of the lot. Chinese gear made by Huawei and ZTE might as well be ‘Red Lines’ hooked up to CCP headquarters. These companies did not need to be threatened by the hammer and sickle, their bosses used to work for them. Why would an ex Red Officer want to deny Beijing access to ‘private’ data? 

Then there is Xiaomi, a company run by a communist party delegate. Is it any wonder that within six months of international sales tha xiaomi phones were classified as so secuity toxic that they were banned or fined in at least six countries?

To them, CC’ing Beijing on user data was a given, until someone in Hong Kong outed them. In another ‘Xiaomi moment’, a hacker had written a paper about serious security flaws in Xiaomi gear and millions of users compromised. He was going to show how this happened until the palms of some officials were greased-allegedly, and his presentation was not allowed.

So what does this sow us?  Blackberry and China are like ammonia and bleach, their relationship works best when sgregated. Blackberry is where they are because of what they do. Killer security. And Huawei, ZTE and Big name Chinese phones are where they are for who they suck up to-the communist party.

After all, how much security cred would the big black have if Huawei bought them? Not only is Huawei gear as spotty as grannies lenses, but the forced ‘phone of choice’ for communist party members. Yeah, who wouldn’t want to be counted in the number of  people owning a phone that Beijing makes civil servants use?

In sum: if a Chinese firm were to buy Blackberry, their kit would have the appeal of a tincture of ear wax and toe nail funk-yeah, what a visual.

For a more nuanced version of what how Blackberry being purchased by a Chinese firm looks, check this out:

‘While the Chinese smartphone vendors are interested in purchasing Blackberry to have a better position in U.S and European markets and also eyeing on portfolio of patents under Blackberry name. However, sources report that it would be a difficult task for the Chinese vendors to pass the requirements of regulatory agencies in Europe and US. Other than these there is a national security concern as well.’

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