China Mandates All Companies Have Communist Party ‘Units’ -Xiaomi Ahead of the Curve

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June 2, 2015 by ...

Beijing has commanded that all Chinese companies have ‘Communist Party Units’. These groups are to be an integral part of all Chinese firms both public and private and are to ensure that everyone follows Beijing’s marching orders. (link below) 

Of course these pillars of communist party thought are ever present on State Owned Enterprises. Even monstrous firms such as China’s largest bank ICBC, and Huawei have them as well. The bank has one as it’s essentially a financing arm of communism. Huawei has a slew of then because it is a spy arm for Beijing-allegedly. It thus makes perfect sense for them to keep apprised of all things communist.

Communist work units, what they do

These communist work its serve such valuable purposes as reinforcing Marxist thought, Mao sayings and most recently, musings by capo and unelected leader Xi Jinping. 

Previuolsy all SOE’s had to have such paragons of communist ideology within their forms and all joint ventures and companies controlled by foreign firms as well. Once again, the idea was to ensure that these places did not get any crazy ideas such as capitalism being good. 

Conceptually the communist centers are a throw back to Mao’ist times when the whole country was collectively zombi-fied and the each day literally came to a standstill as they dedicated hours regurgitating the words of Mao.


While the communist thought ‘parties’ are are now much less benign, they still reinforce the ‘good’ of communism. 

Paradoxically, they should be teaching Chinese that communism does not work. After all, how much more productive would Lenovo be if their company spent a 40 hour work week working as opposed to knocking off for mission critical tasks such as this
Xiaomi has communist ‘Red cred’

Of course Xiaomi has little to worry about, they are ahead of the curve. Co-founder Lei Jun, who owns over 70% of the company is a member of the communist legislation. Thus it’s safe to assume that his ‘Red love’ is beyond question. 

Even the name Xiaomi is a throw back to Mao’ist times calling for revolution via guns and millet. If this isn’t proof enough then consider Xiaomi’s corporate mascot.



A communist-themed red army soldier patterned off Lei Feng, considered to be a paragon of communist virtues.

It is pretty safe to say that while other Chinese firms scramble to refill their stock of Little Red Books and musings of Xi Jinping, that Xioami is ahead of the pack. I’m sure that for them, filling rooms with communist faithful articulating the thoughts of communist thought is already a corporate staple. 

Quote :

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China has passed a regulation ensuring government organizations and private companies have Communist Party units so that party policy can be implemented across society


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