‘Mi Flammable’-All Xiaomi Chargers Tested Represent Fire Hazard

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June 11, 2015 by ...

Disaster in the making? Powering up two missiles? 

Xiaomi is known for producing low price tech. As the saying goes however, ‘all that glitters is not gold’. And so it is with Xiaomi. 

The communist party controlled CCTV investigative arm, reported that Xiaomi chargers were ‘undercharged’ and that is the good news. The bad is that each of them was a fire hazard. In other words, that $20 Xiaomi charger may cost you a few hundred thousand dollars once you’ve rebuilt your torched living room or den.  

‘Burn Mi’- Xiaomi Chargers?

CCTV reported on tests conducted by China’s Quality Inspection Division which found that all chargers represented a fire hazard. In other words, even by China’s weak standards, Xiaomi failed. Now imagine how they would do when stacked up against American laws. 

The PRC is known for less-than-rigorous legal standards and product quality a perennial concern. With that in mind, Xiaomi’s failure is even more troubling. If Beijing is concerned that Xiaomi brickbats will literally blow up, then you should be too.


In contrast to the above, the following is a breath of fresh air: 

‘Half of the chargers tested did not possess the capacity shown. And 50% of these had 50% less charging ability than claimed.’

On a positive tip, the chargers were underpowered and many of them by one-half. Instead of charging your Samsung three times as promised, the Lei Jun kit will do it twice. 

At first blush this may sound sucky, but then again one must remain upbeat. Being underpowered ostensibly means that the destructive power of Xiaomi chargers is also reduced. The 16,000 mAh unit will only take out the top floor of your hose instead of all 2500 sq. meters. 

Thank heavens for the little things.

Xiaomi brickbats, flaming hazards with overstated specs

Ok, so where does this leave us?

To sum up the findings, we see that according to the Chinese government, Xiaomi chargers are slightly less dangerous than SCUD missiles and overhyped.

The $10-20 you save on buying in to the next big thing from Xiaomi may be as good a move as purchasing made-in-China drywall or flooring from Lumber Liquidators. You will be clapping yourself on the back for saving a buck until you’re coughing up lung saks or asking the Fire Marshall if anything can be salvaged from the charred remains of the smoking hull of what you used to call a home.




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